3 Handmade Natural Soaps on Sale: an Every-week Event! Find out more.

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Handmade natural soap is our main gig and yes every week we put 3 of our amazing soaps on sale.

We change them out each week with no rhyme or reason really as to what is or will be on sale.

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Why Choose our Pure Natural Soap?

Natural Soap on a Dish

Since our soap is all natural, obviously we use natural ingredients. We use all vegetable oils for our soaps, no animal fats, and no animal testing. Many of our soaps are even vegan. We also use no fragrance oils, no artificial colorants or preservatives. Our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, triclosan-free and cruelty-free.

Since all of our soaps are handmade, that means they all contain glycerin which helps to attract moisture to your skin. This is a big reason why so many people find that handmade soaps make their skin feel better and less dry.

To sum it up: we use clean ingredients, not harmful ingredients. There is an ingredient list for each product on our website and on the back of every product.

How we make our soap

Our bar soap is made in small batches using lye (sodium hydroxide) to create what is known as cold process soaps. We use a variety of different vegetable oils including rice bran oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Some bars are smooth and gentle and others are exfoliating due to the variety of botanical ingredients we use. Mother Nature really does have her hand in everything we make.

By offering a variety of different types of soap with different ingredients we can offer soaps for all skin types. If you have oily skin then you would choose a different soap from someone with dry skin.

Soap as Shampoo

Don’t forget that we also offer solid shampoo bars that you can not only use to wash your hair but also work great as an all-over body wash. They are great for travel as they don’t leak. There is a high percentage of castor oil in these bars so they have a rich, fluffy, shampoo lather as well as being very conditioning. I have also found them to add volume to my fine hair.

The soaps ship out via Priority Mail to make sure they get to you in pristine condition. We offer Free Shipping on orders over $60.

Essential Oils are Important

bottle of essential oil
Essential Oils are important but not everything.

They are definitely a very important part of what we do but they aren’t everything. The vast majority of our customers want soaps and skin care created both for the scent and for the aromatherapy benefits they offer.

However, not everyone wants or can use essential oils or can use essential oils. They may have very sensitive skin or simply prefer unscented soaps.

So we have created two soaps with no added scent. Our Milk & Honey and our Oatmeal & Honey bar soap.

For our scented soaps we use a variety of essential oils including lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass and more.

Details about our Natural Handmade Soap on Sale

  • The sale week runs Tuesday thru Monday. In other words, the soaps go on sale at 12:01 am Tuesday morning CST and go off sale at midnight Monday CST.
  • We only put our natural bar soap on sale. No shower gels or any of our skin care products are in our weekly sales.
  • We don’t put our higher end soaps like our Carrot Seed Complexion Bar in our weekly sale.
  • However, the Solid Shampoo Bars are in the weekly sale rotation.
  • Since the soaps on sale don’t require a coupon you are welcome to use a coupon if ordering other items. (Typically we don’t allow discount coupons to apply to items already on sale.)
  • Any other questions please either post a comment below or reach out to me directly.


Our weekly soaps on sale event is one of the best deals on handmade, natural soap on the internet. You are getting handmade, all natural soaps created with essential oils that lather at a great price! We make our products with the goal of giving you healthy skin that makes you feel and look your best!

Current Soaps on Sale

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