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Green Soap Dish with Dots

Ceramic Soap Dishes – New Styles

Underglazes are my newest twist with my ceramic soap dishes.  They allow me to create soap dishes with lighter and brighter colors than the “regular” glazes I had been using before.  This “look” was really more what I was envisioning when I first thought of making ceramic soap dishes.  I had visions of white soap……
  • Ceramic Soap Dishes, handmade soap dishes
  • July 27, 2016

Ceramic Soaps Dishes are here!

A while back I bought a ceramic kiln for $50 on the spur of the moment from a friend and all that happened was it sat around my husband’s metal building. Two years ago another friend gave me a kiln she was no longer using. It is also sitting around in my husband’s metal building…
  • Ceramic Soap Dishes, Handmade
  • August 9, 2015