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New Natural Liquid Soap by Susan's Soaps & More

It can be tough to find a non antibacterial soap out there.  In fact that’s precisely why one of our customers was begging us to make a liquid soap.  She knew our soap would not only be non antibacterial but all natural as well.

  1. Hers was not the only the request we had received for liquid soap.
  2. I was interested in learning the process of how to make it.
  3. We decided to take the plunge.

Some of you may have been following our trials and errors as we have progressed through the learning curve of creating a liquid soap we would be proud to put our name on.  It’s definitely been a bit of a journey taking a good three and a half or four months to complete.  We are really proud of the product we are able to offer you today but I have to admit in the beginning, trying to wade my way through a stack of recipes and procedures I was afraid I was never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel, much less reach it.  We tried several different formulas as well as methods before finally finding the right combination.

We are now happy to present our new all Natural Liquid Soap.  We use sunflower and coconut oils as the base oils and offer it in two scent combinations, Grapefruit Tangerine and Lavender Rosemary.  We also have each of the two scents available in three different sizes and two different dispenser options.  As with all of our products it contains no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorants.  We use no animal fats and do no animal testing.  And as mentioned earlier it is non antibacterial.  Since I don’t buy soap at the store anymore I had not realized just how prevalent antibacterial soap had become until my customer said she could not find any alternatives.  She is a cancer survivor and issues such as this are very important to her.  However, the issue of alternatives to antibacterial soap is important to many more people than just her.

  • The American Medical Association has opposed the use of antibacterial soaps since 2002.
  • The Canadian Pediatric Society has asked parents to stop buying antibacterial products and use soap and water instead.
  • Triclosan, one of the main chemicals in antibacterial soap has been turning up in fish, breast milk and waste water.  There have been a number of studies that indicate potential health risks to animals, ergo humans? as well as the environment.
  • The more chemicals we put onto and into ourselves and our world the more potential for negative reactions.
  • As more chemicals are used, bacterial strains become resistant to them and so we have fewer resources to turn to when actually needed.
  • These chemicals are not needed as according to a Food and Drug Administration panel antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soap and water.

So in conclusion:  If there is no benefit to using antibacterial soaps and the strong possibility of negative impact from their use, why even go there?

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