How is Soap Made?

How is Soap Made?  We talk about how soap is made and what is soap.  We have blog posts and videos showing how we make our cold process soap, walk throughs of our soap shop and more.

Do we really use “real” honey in our soap?

Yes we really do use real honey in our soaps in addition to real chocolate, real oatmeal, orange peel and all kinds of other natural ingredients.

Here at Susan’s Soaps we don’t believe in anything artificial or synthetic going into our products. No artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives.

Honey in a Dish

Peachy Page Farm now carries Susan’s Soaps

I am excited to announce that Peachy Page Farm here in Scurry now carry a selection of Susan’s Soaps & More products.  Peachy Page Farms is the creation of Robert and Cindy Page and there are a lot of reasons you should check them out; over and beyond the fact that they now carry our products.

Peachy Page Storefront
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