Ramp up your COVID-19 Protection!

Peppermint and Tea Tree Natural Soap Bars

Some people may think that all-natural soap may not be as effective a weapon against disease but in fact, actually, the reverse is true. If you choose soap made with the right essential oils you can be adding an extra layer of protection in your efforts to stay free of the Coronavirus.

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Happy Memorial Day

It has been a busy few weeks.  Jerry and I went on vacation to Scottsdale and then the Grand Canyon for a few days. We flew back home on Sunday, May 12th Mother’s Day.  Monday was busy with orders and then since it was my birthday we went out for dinner that night.  By Wednesday…

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Susan’s Travel Essentials

Susan's Travel Products

Susan’s Products Essential for Travel Vacay season is here and we are going on our first vacation of the year.  There are always a lot of decisions to make regarding a vacation: when to go, where to go, what to do when you are there and of course what to take.  In the what to…

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Sponsor of 2018 Masters Tour – McKinney/Dallas, TX

Susan’s Soaps & More is proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Masters Tour – McKinney/Dallas, TX This event is taking place at the Sigma CrossFit in McKinney, Texas on November 10.  The 2018 Masters tour is a year long competition hosted here and at boxes worldwide with one Annual Leader board! Compete with us…

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Backyard Redo

Flowers on the backyard patio in May.

These photos provide a bit of a journal of my DYI landscaping effort on my backyard this past summer. Now I get a smile on my face every time I look out at my backyard. Next up – the front yard entry!

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Montreal was fabulous!

I will admit that we originally decided to go to Montreal to indulge my 18 year old son who wanted to visit somewhere he could legally drink and gamble. Montreal certainly fits the bill with one of the highest per capita number of restaurants as well as the largest casino in Canada. I was excited…

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