Living Life

Living life.  I talk about what’s going in my life and living it to the fullest.  Your skin is the body’s largest organ and basically everything in your life impacts it.  You skin will look and feel better if you can live a better happier life.  I try to share tips also for living your best life.

Susan’s Soaps & More has record snowfall!

I know this is totally off topic but I just had to share pictures from our record snowfall here in Scurry, Texas. You folks up north will probably be completely unimpressed, but we received approximately 11″ of snow yesterday which is a sets an all time record for the snowiest day in Scurry’s (in fact in the Dallas Metroplex area) history. Since we live out in the country it really looked like a picture postcard around here.

Inspired by Julie & Julia

I just got home from watching the movie Julie & Julia earlier today. Not only did I absolutely love it but I found it really inspiring and in many ways applicable to my own life. What I found so inspiring about their stories was they took something they loved and pursued it simply for their own needs. They stuck with it even with major set backs and difficulties and discouragement. They each continued on and in their own way achieved success and recognition for doing what they loved.

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