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3 Handmade Natural Soaps on Sale: an Every-week Event! Find out more.

Handmade natural soap is our main gig and yes every week we put 3 of our amazing soaps on sale. We change them out each week with no rhyme or reason really as to what is or will be on sale. We let our newsletter subscribers know each week what’s on sale. Sign up and …

3 Handmade Natural Soaps on Sale: an Every-week Event! Find out more. Read More »

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Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life.

Do you have someone in your life or on your gift giving list that spends a lot of their time traveling? Maybe they travel for work or maybe they travel for pleasure.

Maybe it’s someone close to you that you enjoy gifting small little surprises to make them feel special? Maybe it is someone that you only gift during bigger holidays – Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day for example?

We have some great ideas for all natural products sure to make their life on the road more comfortable!

Gift Guide For Men Feature

Gift Guide for Men’s Skin Care Products

Are you wondering what to get the favorite man in your life? This gift guide is here to help!

If you are looking for a unique gift for your man, then it may be time to consider men’s grooming products. Men often don’t spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. But, they still like to look good. (Who doesn’t?)

Many men are more and more concerned with using products that are all natural. So, give them products to help them achieve that goal. Natural products that are easy to use and make them look and feel great!

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5 Ways to Pamper Mom!

As a Mom myself, the gifts I appreciate the most are the ones where it shows that my son really gets the type of things that I like and that he is giving me something that I might not want to spend the money on for myself. With that in mind the gift ideas here for some of our more luxurious items.

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