New Wedge Soaps

Now introducing our new, unique, ergonomic Wedge Soaps!
A unique new soap shape for for Susan’s Soap’s & More.
A wedge shape that ergonomically fits into your hand like it was made for it.
That means it is easier to lather with and easier to hold onto in the shower.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint – New Soap Scent

Just added a new soap scent up on our website – Eucalyptus & Spearmint with the emphasis on the Eucalyptus. This is a smooth soap so if you love Eucalyptus but would like something smooth for a change instead of our bar with poppyseeds, here’s your chance.

Tranquil Tuesday – Cardinal’s Bathtime

This video is dedicated to Donna Maria of Indie Business who inspired me to begin filming “my birds” again. Hope you enjoy them. If you have seen my bird videos before this one is by far the best yet as the birds are closer and more active and more of them! Watch them playing in the water and enjoy a 6 minute break from the hectic pace of your day.

Wedding Favors online at Susan’s Soaps & More

Now you can order wedding favors online through Susan’s Soaps & More!

Choose between 2 oz. bars of soap and lip balm in tubes. These are from our regular product line so of course they are both all natural and handcrafted. You are able to specify personalized copy for the label such as the wedding date or the bride and groom’s first names or perhaps Thank You.

De-stress with “Two Birds for Watching”


Here is a 2nd bird watching video. This time with two birds at the bird bath. Take just a minute and decompress. Hope you enjoy it.

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