I met Chris Lawford.

Chris Lawford & Me

Last week Jerry and I attended a reception and program hosted by Heritage Auction Galleries and the Park Cities Family YMCA’s C.A.R.E. Program.  It’s purpose was to introduce the Caron Texas nonprofit organization to the community and the featured speaker was Christopher Kennedy Lawford.  Caron Texas is the newest in-patient addiction treatment center in the Dallas area.   They carry our products in their gift shop and Amara Durham, Director of Development and Community Relations had asked if I could help them out by contributing something to their goodie bags for this event.  We were happy to be involved.

Now back to Chris Lawford.  In case you aren’t making the connection he is the son of Peter Lawford of the famous Rat Pack that included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  (Don’t worry I didn’t make the connection either.)  Chris Lawford is an actor, author and activist.  He grew up amidst wealth, fame and privilege and yet became an addict.  He has since overcome his addiction and has been “clean” for over 24 years.  Out of the result of his experiences he has written two books, the first of which, Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption was on the New York Times Best Seller list.  I haven’t read either of his books yet but he gave a very interesting talk with bits about what it was like growing up in his family on through to his addiction and subsequent rehabilitation.

  • He mentioned that Marilyn Monroe showed him how to hula hoop when he was six.
  • He told of seeing his uncle, John F. Kennedy after he was nominated for the presidential election.
  • He revealed that after he was in trouble with drugs and the law, he was given preferential treatment when it would have helped him more to have held his feet to the fire.

One of Mr. Lawford’s main points appeared to be that people who are dealing with substance addiction are often discriminated against.  He stated that the reality is they are afflicted with a disease which is often hereditary in origin.  He strongly believes that people can be rehabilitated, with himself as just one example, and has donated time and money in an effort to help others succeed in this struggle.

I was impressed by his speech and enjoyed meeting Mr. Lawford.  I certainly support his efforts to aid people who are trying to overcome substance abuse and addiction in their lives.  This is just one more problem which faces society as a whole and I see it as a very good thing when anyone is reaching out to help others help themselves.

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