New Places to Buy Susan’s Soaps & More Products

Chocolate Secrets now sells Susan's Soaps along with fabulous chocolate
Chocolate Secrets of Dallas now offers Susan's Soaps along with fabulous chocolate.

Periodically I receive phone calls or emails from customers or potential customers asking where they can purchase our products.   Of course you can always buy from us online, but some people prefer to do their shopping in person.  After receiving several inquiries this past week I realized that maybe I should be highlighting this information for easier access.  So here we are.

We list stores that carry our products on this page of our website which is titled STORE LOCATOR .   The Store Locator link is located under the main category ABOUT US in the list of of category links on the left hand side of our website.

I just updated our list of stores that carry our products and we are pleased to announce some new stores in Texas as well as other states.  Here is a list of the most recently added establishments in alphabetical order:

Botannical Elegance – Mt. Pleasant, TX

Chocolate Secrets – Dallas, TX

Corner Spa – Plattsburg, MO

En Vogue Salon – Crescent Springs, KY

Green Angel – Peterborough, NH

Pine Tree Road – San Diego, CA

Primary Elements Gallery – Cannon Beach, OR

Touchtone Massage – San Antonio, TX

Tradeswinds Fashions – Durant, OK

As noted on our website not all stores carry all products so you might want to call before visiting.  You can find their complete address along with phone number on our website.  We feel that being able to actually visit a store that carries our products provides a several great benefits for our customers:

  • You can usually actually smell the product before purchasing
  • Sometimes the store may offer testers or small soap samples so that you can actually try the product before purchasing
  • You may be able to speak with someone who has actually used the product (other than me of course)
  • You can purchase small amounts of product, such as a few bars of soap, without having to pay shipping.  (We offer free shipping on orders of $75 through the website.)
  • Most of the stores that we sell to are individually owned by unique, creative people who have created interesting, fun places to shop
  • You are supporting not just Susan’s Soaps & More but another small business as well, which as we all know is an integral part of the American economy

I know as a small company our distribution is extremely limited, but I hope that you if are lucky enough to live close to a establishment that carries our products you will take advantage of the benefits they can offer you!

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