New Wedge Soaps

Wedge Soap - Ergonomic & All Natural

Now introducing our new, unique, ergonomic Wedge  Soaps!


  • A unique new soap shape for  for Susan’s Soap’s & More.
  • A wedge shape that ergonomically fits into your hand like it was made for it.
  • That means it is easier to lather with and easier to hold onto in the shower.
  • We use hemp to tie the labels on the bars and we use smaller labels – both in an effort to make the packaging as eco-friendly as possible.
  • It’s still Susan’s Soaps & More soap which means it’s all natural, smells fabulous and makes your skin feel great.


  • We have always felt that our products are unique and special –  made with care and pride and the highest quality ingredients.
  • Unfortunately,  they still looked pretty much like all the rest of the bars of soap out in the market.
  • We wanted our bars to look as special on the outside as they are on the inside.  Voila . . . the soap wedge was born.

We think it is a great solution – a unique package that also provides the added benefit of fitting better in your hand.  You can see a little more about the wedge on the video below.


We are just easing into production on these so the scent selection will be happening as we pour our other scents.  Each time we do a regular pour part of the soaps will be cut as wedges.  So the selection will vary and quantities will be limited.  Hopefully this will grow and expand.  You can shop for the new Wedge Soaps here!

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