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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We went down to Corpus Christi where my mom and sister live and spent Christmas with them.  It was a nice relaxing Christmas weekend full of catching up with family.  Now however, it is back to work and we have already started on counting inventory today.  Having to count inventory brings to the forefront one of my goals for 2012 which is to reduce our inventory that we carry.

For a company our size we carry waaaay too much inventory.  We have been in business for over 10 years and we have gradually increased both the types of products we make as well as the scents we carry them in.  The last few years with our business contracting due to the economy and a few of our larger customers closing up shop has left us top heavy on inventory.  Keeping all of the products in stock as well as the raw materials to make them is simply not feasible anymore.  Therefore my goal is to pare things down to a more manageable level and so we will be closing out slow moving inventory items as we see fit.  And when we close them out we will put them on sale at incredible prices.  One thing to keep in mind is that we probably won’t have a lot of said close out items so if it is something you want I would jump on them quick.

The initial items we are choosing to close out are our Body Oils and Custom Scrubs.  You can use the Body Oil as a wonderful all over body moisturizer or to create your own custom sugar scrub.  As I write this we have all four scents of the Body Oil in stock – Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary and Peppermint and we are closing them out at $3.25 each or 75% off the original price of $13.00.  Our Custom Scrubs are only available in the sugar and are now $2.50 each which again is 75% off of the original $10.00.  (Important Note:  These two close out items are NOT elgible for our free shipping offer.)

We do still have a few items left over from our Christmas sale:  Mardi Gras Fleur di Lis (7 left) and our Christmas Baskets (4 left).  (The Christmas Baskets are a GREAT value just to buy for yourself!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.  I hope to have a couple of new soap scents out soon and I am sure we will be periodically closing out some other slow moving items as we go through the year.  All the best and I’ll talk to you soon.

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