Natural Almond Oatmeal Soap Bars

Soaps on Sale have changed.

Susan’s soaps on sale have changed. See if your favorite bar is one of them and stock up now! You can check them out on our home page but to go ahead and clue you in now we have 3 different 4 oz. bars on sale. They normally sell for $6.99 a bar but are on sale now for $4.50 each. You can see them all listed on our home page at Susan’s Soaps & More.

Or if you prefer you can just go directly to each soap on sale from the links listed below:

My goal is to change our sale items out about every couple of weeks. Sometimes it may be a bit longer but that what we are shooting for. Many times it will be bars of soap but sometimes we will put another product on sale. I am hoping that our sale items will encourage you to both try new products or scents you haven’t before and also to stock on your favorites if you see them on sale.

Following the idea of trying new scents, you can now specify which 3 soap samples you would like included for free in your order. Before I just guessed. Now you can pick the scents you are interested in when checking out. We hope you discover some new scents that you are just crazy about!

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