Ramp up your COVID-19 Protection!

Peppermint and Tea Tree Natural Soap Bars

Some people may think that all-natural soap may not be as effective a weapon against disease but in fact, actually, the reverse is true. If you choose soap made with the right essential oils you can be adding an extra layer of protection in your efforts to stay free of the Coronavirus.

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Keep your cool with Peppermint Essential Oil

Good Morning Mint Soap Bars

As we head into the dog days of August keeping cool is definitely on many of our minds. Peppermint essential oil (mentha piperita), indeed all of the mint essential oils can help you achieve that goal. In many ways it can be as refreshing as a dip in the pool.

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Eucalyptus Tea Tree is new sugar scrub scent and more.

Eucalyptus Tea Tree is our new sugar scrub scent . . . and one of the scents in our new large sized Lotion Sticks. We also have a special Summer Skin Soother gift being offered for a special price. It includes our new Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Sugar Scrub, the new Eucalyptus & Tea Tree large Lotion Stick and a Tea Tree Lip Balm.

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Creating a New Soap Scent – Day 3

Today everyone was back at work after the Thanksgiving holiday so I had them all smell the scent blends I had created last week. I have pretty much zeroed in on wanting to create two new scent blends – Lemon Zest and Lavender Mint. Last week I had created a number of blends that I and my staff smelled and rated. Today I had them smell the blends again and see how they had “aged” in a week.

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Creating a new soap scent – Day 2

Day 2 was spent trying a number of the blends I was interested in, tweaking them some during the initial trial and getting feedback from my employees. My initial scent goals were a nice fresh, clean lemon scent that would be strong enough to hold up in soap and a lavender mint blend.

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