Wedding Favors online at Susan’s Soaps & More

Wedding Favor - Lip Balm
Wedding Favor - Natural Soap
Wedding Favor - Natural Soap

Now you can order wedding favors online through Susan’s Soaps & More!

Choose between 2 oz. bars of soap and lip balm in tubes.  The wedding favor products are like the rest of our  product line all natural and handcrafted.  You are able to specify personalized copy for the label such as the wedding date or the bride and groom’s first names or perhaps Thank You.  There isn’t much space obviously, so you are limited on the number of characters.

The soaps are available in any of our signature scents and the lip balms in Lime, Orange Cappuccino, Spearmint,  or Tea Tree.  Both soaps and lip balms are shrink wrapped for protection.  The soaps have a little Susan’s Soaps label on one side and the customized label on the other.  The lip balms are available in four different label color schemes.  Space availability for customizing type is greatest on the soaps and varies some on the lip balm layouts.

Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on how many you order, but you can mix scents to reach that.   The 2 oz. soaps start at $3.50 each and the lip balms at $4.00 each.  Pricing includes the customization.  The minimum quantity order is 50.

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