Wedge Soaps on sale for almost 50% off!

Wedge Soap - Ergonomic & All Natural


We are offering our Wedge Soaps on sale this week for only $4.00/wedge.  That is almost a 50% savings from the regular price of $7.50/wedge.  These ergonomic bars fit easily into your hand and our customers are telling us that they last longer as well.  We have most of our scents now available in wedges but quantities are limited.   This is an excellent to try out the wedge shape or even just stock up on some of your favorite scents.  The sale price goes away on Friday so don’t delay and lose out!  You can buy them here:  Wedges on Sale!

1 thought on “Wedge Soaps on sale for almost 50% off!”

  1. Heather Carroll

    These wedge soaps look awesome. I’ve never seen them before. I love to see the creative things people do with soap.

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