Our Scent Preference Survey ended last week and as promised here are the cumulative results.  I want to thank everyone for participating and also let you know that I found the results extremely interesting and informative.  So here we go . . .

Question 1:  Favorite Body Care Product Scent

    1. Lavender 23%
    2. Citrus 13%
    3. Floral 12%
    4. Vanilla 11%

Least picked on my options listed was Spicy.  Popular write-ins mentioned were Patchouli and Fruity.  Just a note here:  we don’t offer scents like pear, apple, peach, melon because there are not essential oils for these scents.  Generally if you find these scents available they are a synthetic blend, not a natural scent.

Question 2:  Do you prefer smooth or textured soaps?

  • 58% preferred smooth
  • 42% preferred textured

Comments mentioned people liking both or only slightly textured.

Question 3: Do you prefer bar or liquid soaps for bathing?

  • 66.3% preferred bars
  • 33.7% preferred liquid

Now we do offer both!

Question 4: What is your favorite type of body scrub?

  1. 79.3% preferred a blended sugar scrub
  2. 60.0% preferred a blended salt scrub
  3. 40.0% preferred an unblended salt scrub
  4. 20,7% preferred an unblended sugar scrub

Looks like maybe we need to research offering a blended sugar scrub!

Question 5: Do you give bath and body care products as gifts?

  • 89.8% said YES
  • 10.2% said NO

There were many comments on this particular question.   Those who do give body care as gifts have reasons that vary widely.   Many cited that this is a product people will actually use or that they love this type of thing themselves so know the recipient will also.  Some mentioned that their friends and family have used our products before and enjoy getting them.  The few who said they don’t give body care as gifts; the reason usually given was because they don’t know which scent is preferred.

Question 6: What are the most important factors when purchasing bath and body care products?

  • Most Important
    • Scent 53.1%
  • Important
    • Price 58.2%
    • Product to meet a need 47.9%
    • Natural or Organic 43.2%
    • Available Online 42.7%
  • Somewhat Important
    • Available in stores 37.5%
    • Brand 34.8%
  • Not Important
    • Coordinated Sets 51.6%
    • Brand 34.8%

I hope you enjoyed seeing the responses we received.  Don’t be surprised if you see some of this feedback reflected in our product offerings in the future.