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Aromatherapy soaps and skin care for people who value natural, chemical & cruelty-free products that delight their senses! Natural beauty with amazing scents.

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meet Susan

Soapmaker & Essential Oil Aficionado

I am a left-handed maker of natural soap and skincare products who loves plants, animals, and essential oils. Creating and learning new things is where I am happiest. Whether it is in the soap shop, my sewing room, or the kitchen producing something beautiful and useful is a true joy!

I focus on using essential oils when creating my products that benefit you holistically. I want them to be a delight for your senses.

The scents are luscious. The feel on your hair and skin is amazing. The overall experience is a balm to your spirit.

Susan with hand up

What Our Customers Have to Say

Jen Vazquez

Love this to hold my soap in the shower

2 days ago
Jen Vazquez

My face feels younger

2 days ago

This was a gift for my daughter who said it really helped her have clear skin.

4 days ago

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