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You only have the one Skin! Take care of it!!

Lots of natural skin care products to choose from!

I focus on using essential oils when creating products that benefit you holistically. They are created to be a delight for your senses.

Natural Skin Care Products
Why Choose us?

Our Natural Soaps & Skin Care Products

bring Nature to Your Skin!

We give you products that do more than just get you clean or soothe your skin. They soothe enhance your spirit & soothe your soul!

handmade soaps

Artisan bars created in small batches with essential oils using the traditional cold-pressed method.

skin care

We give you everything to your skin moist and glowing. Body oils, face serum, lip balm and more. Treat your skin today!

shampoo bars

Sustainable solid shampoo that you can carry with you anywhere you go! Leaves your hair shiny & full of body.

get your best skin today!

Aromatherapy Soaps & Skin Care Products that will quite simply delight your Senses.

The overall experience is a balm to your spirit!

What people say about us & our products!

This is my daily pampering. I work hard and I sweat a lot so when I come home; I use the oil on my skin as moisturizer after my shower. It’s a comforting smell. With the light scent of lavender and sage, I feel pampered. Every woman should pamper themselves; this was a great fit for me!

Lavender Sage Body Oil

Laura C.

Fabulous! Smells great…lasts SO long! Smooth, clean, natural feeling after showering. Better than traditional soaps… which feel like putting chemicals with artificial scents on my body. I’ll never buy anything but Susan’s soaps.

Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap with Box

Delia H.

 This is the absolute best face serum that I’ve tried. It smells and feels amazing. I’ve been using it for 4 years now and I will use forever. Thanks Susan!

Anti Aging Face Serum

Carey D.

Not Sure What Scent is Right for You?

We designed this Quiz to help you find the answer!

Answer just a few questions and then discover which scent group you fit into the best and which essential oil family will work best for you.

Note this quiz is not designed to tell which smells you like the best, but rather which essential oils complement your personality the best.

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