Lavender – 20 Ways It Can Benefit You.


Lavender essential oil is probably regarded by many as the single most important essential oil nature brings us. I know lavender is our best selling scent among our products. If you are interested in delving into the world of aromatherapy and want to try an essential oil lavender is a good place to begin.

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5 Pain Points Essential Oils Can Help

Essential Oil Assortment

We all experience pain points in our lives and essential oils can help with some of those. I am a firm believer in the benefits of essential oils because they have helped me. In this post I am going to cover 5 different areas where essential oils are often helpful.

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“How Is Soap Made?”

What is Soap? How is Soap Made?

Handmade soap from scratch is created using oil, water and lye. These three ingredients must be mixed in the correct proportions so that they chemically combine and become soap.

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Ramp up your COVID-19 Protection!

Peppermint and Tea Tree Natural Soap Bars

Some people may think that all-natural soap may not be as effective a weapon against disease but in fact, actually, the reverse is true. If you choose soap made with the right essential oils you can be adding an extra layer of protection in your efforts to stay free of the Coronavirus.

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