Benefits of Natural Soap! Are they worth the extra mula?

Lavender Rosemary Natural Soap Bars

I begin with my definition of natural soap because not everyone defines it the same way. My definition of natural soap is that it is free of any synthetic colorants, preservatives or fragrances. It should also be free of carcinogens such as coal tar, mineral oil and benzene. Most of the chemicals that you have been warned as being hazardous to your health fall into one of these categories.

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Do we really use “real” honey in our soap?

Honey in a Dish

Yes we really do use real honey in our soaps in addition to real chocolate, real oatmeal, orange peel and all kinds of other natural ingredients. Here at Susan’s Soaps we don’t believe in anything artificial or synthetic going into our products. No artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives.

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I’m so excited!

Canine Creations Solid and Liquid

Texas Works was created by Chet Garner and Vincent Friedewald. They decided to create Texas Works because they believe in the work that Texans are creating and doing. They want to get the word out about these “remarkable Texans with extraordinary talents and enough courage and enough crazy to become product entrepreneurs.”

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Lavender – 20 Ways It Can Benefit You.


Lavender essential oil is probably regarded by many as the single most important essential oil nature brings us. I know lavender is our best selling scent among our products. If you are interested in delving into the world of aromatherapy and want to try an essential oil lavender is a good place to begin.

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5 Pain Points Essential Oils Can Help

Essential Oil Assortment

We all experience pain points in our lives and essential oils can help with some of those. I am a firm believer in the benefits of essential oils because they have helped me. In this post I am going to cover 5 different areas where essential oils are often helpful.

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“How Is Soap Made?”

What is Soap? How is Soap Made?

Handmade soap from scratch is created using oil, water and lye. These three ingredients must be mixed in the correct proportions so that they chemically combine and become soap.

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