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Our natural shampoo is made with essential oils to give you aromatherapy benefits.  All the shampoos are vegan and made with no animal testing.  We offer both solid shampoo bars and the more familiar liquid shampoo in a bottle.  You can use the solid shampoo bars from head to toe as an all over body wash.  They are great for travel as they aren’t liquid so you can carry them on a plane!

Not to brag but we have a blog post that talks more about how to use solid shampoo bars and some of the benefits.  Click the link to check it out.

We think we have the 3 Best Conditioning Shampoo Bars!

We even have a natural shampoo for your dog and offer it as both a bar and a liquid.  The liquid is packaged in an aluminum bottle instead of plastic to make it more earth-friendly.

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