Dallas March Market (gift & apparel) – I am here.

Showing Off Shoes & Polish

I am at Market.  To clarify, at the Dallas March Gift Market.  It’s one of the smaller gift markets of the year but at the same time apparel is hosting one of their larger markets.  My photo is a slight nod in that direction.  It’s shot of my feet here in my booth looking all spiffy for market.  The shoes are new, purchased last week while out shopping with my son during his Spring Break.  My nails are courtesy of Pamper Me Spa Lounge , a full service salon with a boutique to come.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster week – both me and the weather.

  • Sunday we actually got more snow, almost 3 inches.  Unbelievable!  So I stayed in all day, cooked, worked on getting ready for market a little.  After all, it was Sunday and I was going to really get a lot done on Monday, next day.
  • Monday instead of getting a lot done I woke up with a stomach flu.  The really bad kind where your stomach decides it’s getting rid of absolutely everything in it anyway it can.  Yuck!  Thank goodness for Tracy.  If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have gotten any orders out that day.
  • Tuesday I was feeling much better and so I was able to head on into Dallas with Jerry for my scheduled appointments.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and I must admit to having a great day!  After dropping Jerry off where he works I went on to our space at Hemisphere for the morning.  I had to drop off brochures, last minute booth tweaks before market and assorted odds and ends.  I then went back and picked up Jerry for an early lunch together at La Calle Doce, a great Mexican restaurant in Oak Cliff on of all places, Twelfth Street.  After lunch  I had an appointment at Pamper Me Spa Lounge for a manicure and pedicure.  They are located in South Side on Lamar which I had never been to before.  It’s in the old Sears building which has been converted into lofts for businesses and residences and is just oozing with character.  I loved it with its wood floors and retro feel.  Michelle, the owner of Pamper Me Spa Lounge really did make me feel pampered.  I think my nails look great and now she is going to be carrying Susan’s Soaps & More as well.   After Michelle’s treatment, I looked great, felt great and had about an hour and a half before time to pick up Jerry and head home.  I decided to go visit the Dallas Museum of Art and check out the new Impressionist exhibit showcasing both paintings and photography.  It was fascinating.
  • Wednesday was the day to get everything done back at the shop before I had to be at market starting Thursday.  We shipped out orders, made soap (Egyptian Rose & Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Tangerine), tied soap, made sugar scrubs and more.  Wednesday it also rained and apparently we got more than most of the surrounding area for some reason.  Jerry in Dallas and Annie’s husband in Terrell were both reporting drizzle.  We were getting on and off again downpours that lasted through most of the night.  To top it off, all of my allergies were going crazy, my son came home from school sick and by the end of the evening I wasn’t even sure I could make it into Dallas the next day.
  • Thursday morning finds me feeling somewhat better so I decide I can tackle market today.  The rain stopped during the night and the sun is out.  We went off and here I am sitting in my space at market as I type.  As it gets later into the day we are starting to get more traffic up here on the ninth floor so I am wrapping up.  As always, if you are up at market please stop by and say Hi.  We are located in the Hemisphere Design Gallery on the ninth floor of the Dallas World Trade Center.

Hope you enjoyed this snapshot view into my life as a soap maker and small business owner.

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