How is Soap Made?

How is Soap Made?  We talk about how soap is made and what is soap.  We have blog posts and videos showing how we make our cold process soap, walk throughs of our soap shop and more.

Susan’s Soaps merits customer appreciation certificate!

One of the key cornerstones that I have built my business on has been to give exceptional customer service. (That along with providing all natural product, maintaining our original standards of high quality and not promising what I can’t deliver.) I have always felt that as a small company this was something we should and could deliver on.

The Hastens Store Dallas now has Susan’s Soaps

We are very excited to announce that the Hästens Store Dallas now carries Susan’s Soaps & More products. If you are not familar with the store it is located at 4252A Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas in the Shops of Highland Park. They carry all natural, handmade bedding that is produced in Sweden. The owners Connie and Fleming are both delightful and they would love to introduce you to their bedding and maybe sell you a bar of Susan’s Soaps. If you have questions beforehand you can reach them at 214-252-0101.

Where to find Susan’s Soaps out and about

We have a busy fall schedule coming up with shows so I wanted to give you a heads up in case you are going to be in the area or perhaps even attending the show. We are doing some new ones as well as revisting old favorites. Read on for the details. And if you have a show that you think I should take a closer look at please let me know. I hope to see you when we are out and about!

Indigo now carrying large scrubs, small soaps & more

Denise and Keith have carried our salt glows and sugar scrubs since they first began carrying our line back in 2006. Now for the first time they have branched out to try the larger size scrubs in some of the scents. These are an excellent value and great if you are a repeat scrub customer. It is also perfect timing for keep summer’s bare feet and skin all nice and polished!

The current scoop on Susan

Next on my list to tell you about is our new soap Lavender & Lime. I just uploaded it to our website and you can find it with our Signature Soaps or listed with the New & Onsale items. It is a fresh, clean scent that is particularly perfect for those who don’t want too strong of a scent.

Milk & Honey Soap goes speckled!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the soap. It’s simply not the way we usually make it or sell it. It has little speckles of honey through it and it doesn’t feel quite as smooth to your skin. But it is essentially the same soap! It still has no added scent. Still great for sensitive skins and babies or even for use as a complexion bar. But it is speckled.

ACRES & Las Vegas

I and two other soap makers were selected by the HSMG to represent them in a booth at the ACRES Las Vegas show. It was a beautiful show with informative presentations and the staff were all extremely helpful. Unfortunately, buyer attendance was down by 20% and so many vendors were disappointed in their sales numbers (us included).

After the HSMG Conference – Key West

We are back home now and getting back to normal after the HSMG Conference and then 5 nights in Key West. I thought you might enjoy a pictorial of our visit there. If you are planning to visit I show some of the restaurants we ate at and the things we did. It’s very laid back and we had a great time! We love to learn about the history of places and so that’s a lot of what we did.

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