Lotion Stick – Solid moisturizer in a convenient package.

Lotion Stick
Lotion Stick - the ultimate solid moisturizer.

Our new Lotion Stick lets you put your lotion where you need it.  It gives you our solid moisturizer in a convenient package for the easiest application ever!  Use it on cuticles, fingertips, palms or wherever you need a bit of all natural moisturizing.  We have had a number of customers say how they liked to use our lotion bar on their cuticles or their fingertips so we decided to put it in a package that facilitated that.

We currently are offering them in Almond and Lavender but we anticipate expanding the selection of scents based on customer demand.  The ingredients in our solid lotion are avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax along with essential oil of course.  They are a very emollient moisturizer and the one I recommend for anywhere your skin is actually cracking such as finger tips in winter.  They have always been great for travel and now as a stick instead of a bar are even more so.  This size is about twice the size of a lip balm and so fits very easily into a purse or pocket.

If this package proves popular, which we are pretty sure it will, then we are going to bring it out in a slightly larger size, similar to a deodorant tube.  This size would be great for feet, elbows and other larger areas.

We hope you like them!

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