Susan’s Soaps will be in Grand Saline at the Great American Peanut Butter Festival

This Saturday, Grand Saline is attempting to set a world record for the largest peanut butter & jelly sandwich in the world and Susan’s Soaps will be there.  In conjunction with their world record attempt the town is hosting the Great American Peanut Butter Festival.  The event was conceived in part to aid the efforts of the East Texas Food Bank to build up their pantry for the winter season.

The Festival takes place from 9:00 Am – 6:00 PM tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 13.  The event has planned a Peanut Butter Pageant and Parade for the Peanut Butter King and Queen as well as contests, entertainments and games and of course vendors.

I know the weather is supposed to be cooler tomorrow but they are forecasting sun so it should be a good day to get out and appreciate what fall is all about.  Grand Saline is located on Hwy 80 at the intersection of Hwy 110.  It is east of Edgewood but west of Mineola.  The name of the town comes from the large salt deposit underground.  The Cherokee Indians in the area were the first to make use of the salt but today it is mined by Morton Salt Company.

So if you want to get out tomorrow for some fun, maybe a little history and to support a good cause check out the Grand Saline Peanut Butter Festival.  Make sure to stop by and say Hi and hey, maybe even pick up some soap while you’re there.

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