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What’s so special about our Jojoba Lotion?

Aloe & jojoba lotion, organically preserved.
Aloe & jojoba lotion, organically preserved.

Our lotion is all natural!

That single sentence encompasses the main point of what’s so special about our lotion.  Under that definitive sentence follows more definition and back up such as:

  • Our jojoba lotion is organically preserved.  (Most lotions use synthetic preservatives.  And you have to use a preservative with lotions because they are an oil and water emulsion and where there’s water there can be bacteria.)
  • We use essential oils for scent in our jojoba lotion.  Grapefruit Tangerine and Lavender Rosemary to be specific.  (Many lotions use synthetic fragrance oils instead of natural essential oils.  Hint:  If it says “fragrance” or “perfume” or “parfum” in the ingredients list then it is almost guaranteed to be synthetic fragrance or a blend containing synthetic fragrance.)
  • Our jojoba lotion contains jojoba (duh) but also olive oil, DMAE and MSM all  of which are really great for skin care. (DMAE, an organic compound,  has been shown to reduce wrinkles and facial sag and to tighten skin.  MSM, a biological sulfur, helps in the formation of collagen.)
  • It also contains aloe and rooibos tea, both of which are very soothing to your skin.  Rooibos tea is a powerful antioxidant that has recently been found to aid in attacking free radicals which are damaging to your skin.
  • Our jojoba lotion is good for all skin types.
  • It is a rich, penetrating lotion that does not feel greasy.
  • Due to the essential oils we use it has a wonderful scent.
  • It is available in not just two scents but in three sizes as well.  One of them is small enough to carry in your purse.

So to sum up why we think our Jojoba lotion is so special:  It’s because it’s all natural, smells fabulous, does wonderful things for your skin and leaves it feeling great!

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