Yes, I am still alive!

Paperwhites starting to sprout on my window sill.

I apologize sincerely for my neglect of my blog over the holidays.  It simply comes down to a number of factors (some of which I hope you can relate to yourselves).

  1. We were busy getting orders out right up until Christmas and then my family and I went out of town to visit extended family over Christmas itself.
  2. Once we got back we still had orders coming in as well as trying to get inventory done by the end of the year.
  3. Then I wanted to actually cook a celebratory New Year’s Eve dinner for my family as we had spent Thanksgiving with friends and Christmas with family.
  4. After New Years was over, I had the Dallas Gift Market staring me in the face as well as still making product, both new items for market and to keep up with normal demand.
  5. And I had promised my son a trip to North Park Mall (Dallas) before school started.  It was a fun day, but long, as of course I needed to combine that with picking up stuff from our booth at the WTC and buying soap making supplies, etc.
  6. Now market starts next week and I have year end books staring me in the face.  And so on we go.

To sum up, I guess the immediate demands of my business as well as my desire to spend more time with my family during the holidays got in front of my sitting down to actually reach out to you and post to my blog.  I hope you understand and that you were able to spend time with your family over the holidays as well.

We do have some new things coming:

  • New products announced soon.
  • We already are doing our Weekly Special – I hope to add a Deal of the Day soon.
  • Miva (the folks who created my shopping cart) are soon to be releasing a new update with improved customer order tracking
  • And I am sure more new things coming this year that I don’t even know about yet.

So I hope you will continue to follow along with me as we start the journey through a new decade.  I started my post off with a photo of a some paperwhites (narcissus) just starting to sprout.  These were given to me as a Christmas gift by a good friend.  To me they are somewhat symbolic of new beginnings which is what I hope for this new decade.

I wish for better things for all peoples and for the world (Mother Earth) herself.  In my own life I hope to achieve better balance between work and family, between doing what I know I should (such as exercise and diet) and doing what I want (such as reading a book while eating chocolate chip cookies), and between accomplishing what has to be done (such as taxes) and what I want to do (such as working in my garden and baking bread).

I wish the gift of balance for you in your lives as well.  No one can be all or do all but with balance I believe we gain the opportunity to best experience the miracle of life which we have been given.

All my best,


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    1. Susan Svec

      No thanks. At only 54 I don’t think I am there
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