Texas State Fair & other Events

The Texas State Fair has been an annual event on our calendar since 2005.  Here we have collected a number of posts and images about our participation in this favorite Texan event.  We also talk about other events and shows that we have participated in over the years.

State Fair of Texas Retrospective by Susan’s Soaps

The first time, I first attended the State Fair of Texas way back in college, but I have been participating as a business at this since 2005.
Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures that far back. I wish I did. My images only go back as far as back as 2007. Notice the sign there with Jerry only mentions Salt Glows. That was before we had added Sugar Scrubs to our line.

I hope you enjoy this little retrospective of the great State Fair of Texas.

Susan and Andrew sampling at the State Fair of Texas

I’m so excited!

Texas Works was created by Chet Garner and Vincent Friedewald. They decided to create Texas Works because they believe in the work that Texans are creating and doing. They want to get the word out about these “remarkable Texans with extraordinary talents and enough courage and enough crazy to become product entrepreneurs.”

Canine Creations Solid and Liquid

Texas State Fair – Setting Up

Yesterday I set up our space at the Texas State Fair which opens this Friday, September 25. We are a member of the TDA’s Go Texan program and through them are able to have our products sold in the Mercantile Store which is located in the Food & Fiber building of the Texas State Fair. I find it rather fascinating how this big empty building is transformed into a space teeming with events and activities and products for the duration of the fair.

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