I am a soapmaker, entrepreneur, afficionado of aromatherapy, wife, mother and homemaker.  I wear many hats and although sometimes things get hectic and frustrating, I enjoy them all.  Just as though you may put on a different fashion hat (or shirt or shoes or whatever) to reflect your mood or your personality, the different “hats” in my work and my life allow me to express the many facets of my personality and who I am.

I have been making soap for about 20 years now, a wife for almost 26 years and a mom for over 25.  Making a home means different things to different people and for me I have been making a “home” for me and/or my family ever since I left the home my mother made for us.

My home currently is in a log house out in the country on about 5 acres.  We have three cats, a backyard with a very small pond and a patio, some fruit and pecan trees and a very small garden.  I enjoy cooking as well as sewing and sew many of my own clothes.  My family and I are Catholic and I am active in our local church.  I love that we live out in the “country” where the pace is a little slower and we have space to enjoy beautiful sunsets and wide open spaces.

I wanted to give you a little insight into where I come from and where I am at.  I hope you find some things of interest on this blog and that you come back to visit often.  If you are looking for my website you can find it at https://www.susansoaps.com/