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I develop products designed to be a holistic sensory experience! I want the scents to carry you away. The soap or shampoo needs to make your skin and hair feel amazing. Applying one of my oils on your skin or beard should be a balm to your soul!

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago, before I started my business I bought and used a natural shampoo that was scented with rosemary essential oil. I absolutely loved the scent of that shampoo and would stand under the water far longer than I needed to simply to keep surrounding myself with that fabulous scent.

But even though the scent of that shampoo was absolutely amazing I didn’t keep buying it. I didn’t keep buying it because it made my hair feel incredibly dry.

That memory is part of what drives me today. I want my products to interact with your senses on multiple levels, all in a beneficial way of course. I want my products to provide a bright spot in your day!

If you feel like you aren’t even sure what scent to choose take our quick quiz to help you determine what scent family might be best for you.

What is a sensory experience?

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

A sensory experience is you doing something that actively engages at least one of your five senses. Just as a quick refresher; your five senses are Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell.

You might say that sensory experiences are activities that light up your senses.

Watching a beautiful sunset. Smelling the scent of chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven and then tasting the crispy cookie along with the melting chocolate on your tongue. Walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath your feet while you hear the sounds of the waves and smell the salt in the air. Curling up in bed with the feel of fresh, crisp sheets and a soft comforter.

These are all sensory experiences.

Sensory Experiences Can Enrich Your Life

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Enjoying the view

Engaging in sensory experiences is not just for children. Think about which of the following situations would benefit you more.

  • Listen to music on your phone OR hear music played while also being able to have the visual awareness of the musicians in front of you.
  • Bathing with a soap that got you clean OR bathing with a soap that had a scent you loved and also felt like silk on your skin.
  • Looking at a beautiful scene in nature through a glass window OR actually standing in the environment and hearing the sounds of the wind through the aspen leaves.

Recall a memory that is important to you or that made an impact on you in some way. I bet that it likely impacted multiple senses and could be defined as one of your sensory experiences.

I grew up on the coast of Texas so I tend to gravitate towards memories and experiences around water and beaches.

You may be more in tune with the mountains or sports or concert halls.

Sensory experiences can help increase your concentration and alertness. They can also help improve your focus and reduce your stress. Engaging with all of your senses on a regular basis and help to provide you with a richer life and improve your sense of mindfulness as well.

My Focus is on Skincare . . .

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Lavender Rosemary Soap with Lavender Buds and Rosemary

But I focus on more than just your skin. As I said earlier creating products that engage at least 3 of your senses; smell, touch, and sight is my goal. I also mentioned benefits at a holistic level.

Skin is your body’s largest organ and in many ways what you process on and through your skin can make a meaningful difference in the way you look and feel. That is why I am so committed to using essential oils and natural ingredients when creating my products.

I have mentioned that my business takes a holistic approach to skincare. I view skincare as self-care and I know that your skin won’t look and feel good unless you are taking care of yourself as a whole. That is why in my blog I write about getting enough sleep, handling stress as well as the benefits of various essential oils we use.

Your Sixth Sense

You have probably heard people talk about your sixth sense. I bring this up more as your own sense of self. Being engaged with your senses is also learning to be more self-aware. I view my sixth sense as a sensitivity to the space around me and the balance or lack of in my life.

In my own life, I find using products with essential oils to be very centering. I rely on the products I create to help me connect better with both my body and my emotions.

Wrapping Up

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Get out there and enjoy your world!

You have to choose what is important to you. What has meaning for you may not have meaning for your neighbor. Accept and acknowledge that and choose environments that deliver those sensory experiences to you.

Is food with all of the unique tastes it has to offer your jam? Then dive in and explore restaurants, cooking classes, and spice shops.

Or maybe you are all about auditory experiences? Make time to listen to the sounds that your brain wants to hear.

If smell and touch are more important then my products may be what you are looking for. Browse our shop and find out what you are interested in. I want to do more for you than just get your skin clean or keep it moisturized.

It’s a big world out there with all kinds of sensory experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. I hope my products are part of that experience for you, but either way . . .

Don’t miss out!

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