Shaving Soap in Bay Rum now available!


We just put up our new Shaving Soap on our website.  It is available in Bay Rum and was created at the request of one of our customers, Leavitt and Peirce, a store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  They specialize in shaving products.  Our new shaving soap is 2 7/8″ in diameter so it will fit into most shaving bar holders.  It weighs approx. 3.5 oz. and produces a great fluffy, conditioning lather.  (We sent test samples up to Leavitt & Peirce for approval during our development phase.)  We used castor oil to help achieve the great conditioning lather.  Bentonite clay was also added for “slip” so that you can get a smooth, close shave.  Of course it’s all natural, made with all vegetable oils and no animal testing, just like all of our products.

The Bay Rum scent is a classic.  It is a rich, spicy sweet scent that we create from a blend of Bay, Bergamot and Pettigrain essential oils.  Then as a finishing touch we hand stamp the bars with the words “BAY RUM”  and wrap them in pleated paper.

Over the years we have a few requests for a shaving bar and thanks to Leavitt & Peirce we finally got down to business and got it done.  You can get yours here – Shaving Bar by Susan’s Soaps & More.

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  1. Dr Hauschka

    Hi that is great news. Where can I purchase some of these soap products? Thanx

    1. Susan Svec

      I am not sure where you are located but Books and Crannies in Terrell, Texas is now stocking the Bay Rum Shaving Bar.

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