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Men’s Soap in a Wooden Box makes a perfect gift!

All natural skin care products in scents for men; packaged in a wooden box complete with lid.  How can you get any better than that?

We had a company here in Texas make these up for us and we think they turned out great.   The box is 4″ x 5″ x 2 1/4″ with a lid on top.   We love the fact that we are able to get them produced by somebody here in Texas and that you now have a reusable package instead of a box and wrapping paper that will be thrown away.   After he has used the soap, the box can be used for anything from keys to change to handkerchiefs and cufflinks.   (Some men do still use cufflinks, right?)   Anyways, we’re sure he’ll think of something to put in it for safekeeping!

So what’s in this great packaging?  1 bar of Lemongrass, 1 bar of Patchoulil, 1 bar of Walk in the Woods Soap, 1 bar of Lime & Sage and 1 Lotion Bar in your choice of either Lemongrass or Patchouli.  Everything is all tied together with a black grossgrain ribbon.

We are also offering a solid shampoo version that contains 1 bar of Bay Rum Solid Shampoo, 1 bar of Hill Country Solid Shampoo, 1 bar of Patchouli and 1 bar of Lemongrass and again your choice of either a Lemongrass or Patchouli Lotion Bar.

In both cases we have selected some of our most popular mens scents to put in this set.  It makes for a wonderful assortment for him to enjoy lathering his way through many showers to come.

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