Your Best Scents Are Earthy & Woodsy

Steady – Adventurous – Independent

Reassuring & Steady
You are grounded and earthy. You are bold honest and honorable. Your gift is steady and grounded reassurance.

Mature Independence
It is your independence along with maturity and determination which make you seem more grounded .

Are adventurous and enjoy random exploration like a spontaneous hike or camping trip.

Your Quiz Results are . . .

Earthy & Woody Essential Oils!

You are reassuring and steady, but also adventurous and enjoy random exploration. It is your independence along with maturity and determination which make you seem more grounded. But you also enjoy the lighter things of life and can even be very lucky with opportunities.

You love nature and can work ambitiously to help the environment. Besides being a hard worker, you are always trustworthy. You are popular because you don’t chastise anyone along with your mission and hate injustice.

You are great with helping other people develop and so can shine in fields like psychology, journalism, or education. You can be a passionate protester for society, but you do like your own space.

Don’t let yourself get burned out because then you can become negative and unable to think. You won’t do yourself or anyone else any good.

That’s where essential oils can make a difference!

These earthy, woodsy essential oils can help if you have gotten stressed because your current project has gotten derailed.  Reach for them to help with a bit of an escape if your space has gotten a bit too crowded.  Look for Patchouli and Cedarwood to help regain your balance.

Aromatherapy Tip: Patchouli is great for dry skin. Check out our Patchouli Lotion Bar!

A few our Earthy or Woodsy products:

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