After the HSMG Conference – Key West

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We are back home now and getting back to normal after the HSMG Conference and then 5 nights in Key West.  I thought you might enjoy a pictorial of our visit there.  Just click on any of the individual pictures if you want to see more detail.  These were all shot with my phone and uploaded without any editing.

If you are planning to visit Key West I show some of the restaurants we ate at and the things we did.  It’s very laid back and we had a great time!  We love to learn about the history of places and so that’s a lot of what we did.

Where we went:

  • Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas Island.  You can only get there via boat or plane.  Remote and gorgeous – history, snorkeling and fabulous views!
  • Hemingway’s house – walk through the rooms and hear interesting tidbits about his life.
  • Lighthouse – fascinating history of the island with personal recounting of the lighthouse keepers lives
  • Little White House – walk through the rooms and see the furniture that the presidents have used
  • The Customs House – island history with a focus on Flagler’s railroad and Hemingway
  • The beach across from our hotel – created with imported sand as Key West is native coral reef

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  1. Marla Bosworth

    Great pictures, Susan. Thanks for sharing. I drove down on Saturday after the conference and stayed three days. Loved Key West!

    1. Susan Svec

      Thanks Marla. I am glad you liked them. Wish I had known you were down there we could have hooked up for dinner or something. Take care and see you in Portland, I hope!

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