At Dallas WTC for Mini Market

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I am back at my booth in Hemisphere at the Dallas WTC for the February Mini Market.  I decided to make a commitment to spend more time up at Hemisphere, since rent is due every month, not just during market times.  After all, I can ride in with my hubby and work on my laptop when things are slow.    Amy, our showroom manager is great but she can’t be everywhere so I thought I’d give all the support I can and be there for all of the Gift Market dates as well as Mondays on the Mini Market dates (Market 1st Mondays).   So if any of you who attend market would like to meet with me in person, I should be there on those dates (of course I would always double check just to make sure I don’t have the flu or something).

I updated the booth’s look a little for the January Gift Market that ended a week or so ago.

  • The back came off the shelves to open them up on both sides of the window.  {See how you can now “see” thru the shelf unit on the table.  People outside the window can see thru into our booth.}
  • Green plants were added as well as our “lighted” pineapple.  {The lighted pineapple is that thing up on top of the pyramid shelf unit over in the back, left corner.}
  • The new products were displayed, some new signage and voila we were ready.

You can check out the new look in the following photos.  If you are ever up there – do stop in and grab a soap sample!

Susan's Soaps & More Booth at Dallas WTCPin

Dallas WTC Booth for Susan's Soaps & MorePin

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