Backyard Redo

Flowers on the backyard patio in May.Pin
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Backyard RedoPin
One view of my backyard redo

This shot shows the walkway out to the patio and the little island bed I created along with the mondo grass I transplanted to make bed between it and the house.  This is the most finished shot I have of the backyard right now, but I have since added a little stone pathway back through the trees to the building you see in the background.

Backyard prior to the redo.Pin
View of the yard before any of the redo began.

This view is across part of the same area as the photo before but from the porch looking toward the soap shop instead out away from it.  As you can see there is no pathway.  Here there is grass but as the summer went on and the trees leafed out we just had dirt.  The downed tree was from a storm.

Backyard Redo - View along the porch.Pin
Backyard Redo – View along the porch.

This view shows the porch that the previous shot with the tree was taken from.  And you can see that by now in August there was absolutely no grass along here.  I divided up the big clumps of mondo grass and spread them out to fill in the area.  On the left is the edge of the walkway that leads out to the patio.

Backyard Redo - View from the porchPin
Backyard Redo – View from the porch
Backyard Redo - Mostly done!Pin
Backyard Redo – Mostly done!
Small fountain area.Pin
Small fountain and paved area between boardwalk and soap shop.

This is the area past the boardwalk shown in the previous photo.  (The area between the boardwalk and the soap shop.)  It was actually the first part of the project that I did.  This area used to be just weeds where nothing really grew.  I saw a very small pond in someone’s side yard and decided that I could make one fit here.  I did and then I was off and running.

Next I plan to upgrade our front entry area which currently does not even have a front walk way.  (Remember we do live out in the country so everyone comes in our back door anyways.)  When we first moved here Jerry and I had talked about even a little parking area for people who would come in the front door.  We’ll see. I’ll try to take better before pictures.

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