Yes, I am still alive!

So I hope you will continue to follow along with me as we start the journey through a new decade. I started my post off with a photo of a some paperwhites (narcissus) just starting to sprout. These were given to me as a Christmas gift by a good friend. To me they are somewhat symbolic of new beginnings which is what I hope for this new decade.

Creating a New Soap Scent – Day 3

Today everyone was back at work after the Thanksgiving holiday so I had them all smell the scent blends I had created last week. I have pretty much zeroed in on wanting to create two new scent blends – Lemon Zest and Lavender Mint. Last week I had created a number of blends that I and my staff smelled and rated. Today I had them smell the blends again and see how they had “aged” in a week.

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