Texas Soapmaker’s Conference well worth attending!

I was originally on the fence about attending the Texas Soapmaker’s Conference. I mean times are a bit tough right now, orders down, money tight. Then they asked me to be on a panel and I thought well I’ll be there anyway I should attend the entire conference. I am so glad I did. They had some wonderful speakers, fabulous food in a great hotel, new vendors I hadn’t seen and I absolutely loved the interaction and camaraderie I had with other soapmakers.

Inside our Soap Shop (Part 1)

One of the things people always seem very interested in is where we make our soap. Today we are starting a little 3 part video series that takes you into our soap shop and shows you a bit of what we do and the first part of our 3 primary steps to making soap.

Liquid Soap

Working on creating liquid soap.  It feels like when I was just starting with cold process. It is a whole different process and although some people seem to feel it’s easy it is taking me a while to learn. The most difficult part is getting the consistency right while creating a clear soap. I do …

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