Indigo now carrying large scrubs, small soaps & more

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Willie behind the counter at Indigo 1745

Indigo 1745 has been a loyal Susan’s Soaps & More customer for years.  Denise & Keith Manoy that own the store which is located at 370 West 7th Street in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas are a wonderful couple that I consider not only business associates but friends.  They do a fabulous job of displaying, marketing and selling our soaps, shampoo bars, scrubs and lip balms.

Susan's Soaps products on display at Indigo 1745

Denise and Keith have carried our salt glows and sugar scrubs since they first began carrying our line back in 2006.  Now for the first time they have branched out to try the larger size scrubs in some of the scents.  These are an excellent value and great if you are a repeat scrub customer.  It is also perfect timing for keep summer’s bare feet and skin all nice and polished!

In addition to bringing in our large scrubs Indigo is now carrying a complete selection of our 2 oz. bars of soaps.  Whereas the larger  scrubs are designed for the customer who knows what they want.  The 2 oz. (1/2 size) bars are designed for the customer who wants to experiment with a number of our scents or perhaps give a selection of our scents as a gift.  It’s a great way to try that “new” scent without giving up any of your “old” favorites.

And lastly Denise & Keith brought in our newest soap – Spiced Coffee!  One of the reasons I think they have been so successful with our line is that not only do they keep the products in stock but they bring in what’s new so their

Spiced Coffee Soap

customers can try it.

I mentioned earlier that Indigo is located in the Bishop Arts district.  If you haven’t ever visited this neighborhood of Dallas you are most definitely missing out on a treat.  It has developed through 25 years or so to become a fun electic mix of shops, restaurants and galleries with its own unique feel.  I strongly urge you to take an evening or a weekend afternoon and visit Indigo and then wander through Bishop Arts.  Eat at one of the great restaurants, pop in and out of some of the galleries and shops.   Relax, enjoy the atmosphere and experience a unique area of Dallas.

Directions:  Take the 8th street exit, (which becomes Davis street) south of downtown off of I-35.  Proceed west on 8th

Entrance to Indigo 1745 on 7th Street

 (Davis) until you get to the light at Bishop.  Turn left and you will be in the heart of Bishop Arts.  7th street will be the 1st street you see after turning onto Bishop.  If you turn left onto 7th you will pass Indigo 1745 on your right.  Continue further down the block and you will see a large parking lot on your right that usually has parking available.  Indigo’s phone number is 214-948-1745.

I hope you have fun on your visit and be sure to tell Denise that I sent you!  Cheers.





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