De-stress with bird watching!


We all experience stress. Stress tends to happen more at certain points of our life or day than others. You’re just going along living your life and then you notice your muscles getting knots, that pesky headache coming on or hear yourself snapping at those around you. Definitely time to de-stress

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Feel Good Friday

Feet in the tub

It’s Friday, the end of the week. You are feeling good. The work week is over. You have great plans for the weekend or maybe even just for Friday night. You are looking forward to what ever helps you decompress for the week.

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National Chocolate Mint Day

Chocolate Mint Cookies

I LOVE Chocolate Mint! You do like Chcolate Mint, don’t you??? There are lots of ways to enjoy this fabulous taste and/or flavor. Some involving calories and some not!

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Ramp up your COVID-19 Protection!

Some people may think that all-natural soap may not be as effective a weapon against disease but in fact, actually, the reverse is true. If you choose soap made with the right essential oils you can be adding an extra layer of protection in your efforts to stay free of the Coronavirus.

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Happy Memorial Day

It has been a busy few weeks.  Jerry and I went on vacation to Scottsdale and then the Grand Canyon for a few days. We flew back home on Sunday, May 12th Mother’s Day.  Monday was busy with orders and then since it was my birthday we went out for dinner that night.  By Wednesday I was down with a 24 hour stomach bug and then early, early Friday morning it was off to the HSCG conference here in Grapevine.  It was a great conference and I learned a lot.  One of my main take aways was that I need to get serious about switching my website to a new ecommerce platform.  I think I have found a platform but it is going to take a lot of work and time. In the meantime we do have some more products back in stock like our Cinnamon Spice Soap. Cinnamon Spice Soap Till the next post, Susan

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Sponsor of 2018 Masters Tour – McKinney/Dallas, TX

Susan’s Soaps & More is proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Masters Tour – McKinney/Dallas, TX This event is taking place at the Sigma CrossFit in McKinney, Texas on November 10.  The 2018 Masters tour is a year long competition hosted here and at boxes worldwide with one Annual Leader board! Compete with us and then again if you want to better your time on the leader board. Compare yourself to your peers around the world. RX and Scaled divisions in 5 year increments beginning at 30-34 for men and women. NEW THIS YEAR… there will be a 2018 Masters Championship to be announced later in the year. The top of the board will join together to face off for the “Master of the Masters”.  You can find out all the details as well as register by going to their link above. We are particularly excited to be a part of this event as our products are now available in McKinney at the White Rock Soap Gallery which is located at 214 North Kentucky Street, Suite B there in McKinney.

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Backyard Redo

Flowers on the backyard patio in May.

These photos provide a bit of a journal of my DYI landscaping effort on my backyard this past summer. Now I get a smile on my face every time I look out at my backyard. Next up – the front yard entry!

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