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Best Men’s Skin Care Products Make Wonderful Gifts for Any Season!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special guy in your life? Check out the best men’s skin care products on the market! These high-quality products will keep his skin looking smooth and healthy, no matter what the season. Plus, …

Best Men’s Skin Care Products Make Wonderful Gifts for Any Season! Read More »

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How I solved my problem with eczema!

Hi. I’m Susan and I want to share how I solved my problem with eczema.

I developed eczema after the birth of my son over 27 years ago. It started as just a small patch on one leg but eventually got so bad that I was embarrased to wear dresses. The itching was so intense at times that I would scratch until I bled.

I wanted to try to make some of my own natural skincare products. I wanted to learn how to make products that helped my skin feel better

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5 Considerations for Sensitive Skin Soap

The best way to treat sensitive skin is to take a number of steps in order to minimize irritation and inflammation including avoiding triggers such as stress or harsh soaps and using products specifically designed for sensitive skin. Taking care of your health overall helps as well: eating right, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, practicing mindfullness all play a part in easing skin issues.

Milk and Honey Soap can be used on the face and body.

Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring is a welcome sight after winter but it brings it’s own set of skin care issues to deal with. We offer some tips and product suggestions to get your skin out of the winter blahs and ready for summer fun. Here are some of the season changes that can impact you and your skin.

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