Creating a new soap scent – Day 2

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Testing Essential OIl BlendsPin
Workspace where I was testing essential oil scent blends.

Day 2 was spent trying a number of the blends I was interested in, tweaking them some during the initial trial and getting feedback from my employees.

My initial scent goals were a nice fresh, clean lemon scent that would be strong enough to hold up in soap and a lavender mint blend.

Below is a synopsis of the ones I tested and our initial feedback.

  • blend of lemon, lemon eucalyptus and pettigrain – (everyone liked this okay)
  • blend of geranium, lemon and pettigrain – (one out of four liked this.  we had a comment yesterday from a customer that this sounded like a great blend for her.  It made for a soft blend and my main problem with it was that it wasn’t lemony enough.  Perhaps we might refine this to bring out the geranium a little more and use it as a floral blend in the future.)
  • blend of lemon, lemon eucalyptus, pettigrain and rosemary – (a big departure from the original blend suggested by Rainbow Meadows but this was 3 out of 4 people’s pick for the lemon scent, which by the way we are planning on calling Lemon Zest.)
  • blend of lemon, lavender, pettigrain and lemon eucalyptus – (everyone liked it but it wasn’t as punchy as the one above and therefore I don’t feel that it will come through in the soap as well.)
  • blend of lavender, bergamot mint and cypress – (nice but it didn’t seem distinctive enough from our other lavender blends.)
  • blend of lavender and peppermint – (three out of four of us simply loved this one.  guess you simply can’t please everyone.)

So now it’s the holiday weekend and I’ll let the blends sit for a week until my crew comes back on Tuesday.  Then we’ll take another sniff, compare notes and I’ll decide which ones I want to actually make up in a small test batch of soap.  If we aren’t really sold on at least one of each type I’ll go back to testing blends again.

In the meantime wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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