Day 3 at the HSMG Soap Conference

Kevin Dunn with Cheerleaders and Nerds

And the learning continues:

  1. Debbie May of Wholesale Supplies Plus stresses making a plan and knowing how you will handle customer service.
  2. Kevin Dunn gave us all the facts on soda ash and also a substitute for jojoba which is now almost impossible to get.
  3. Larry Plesent of Vermont Soapworks talked about manufacturing versus batching.  He discussed economies of scale and the one point I walked away with was that you need to find the economy of scale that is right for you.The fun and the goodies continued too with the awards dinner that night. I won one of the grand prizes, the perfumer’s kit.  I also won a $75 gift certificate for best blogging during the conference.  We had a great dinner and found out next year’s conference is in Portland, Oregon and the 2013 conference is in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I’m sure it will be fabulous!

    I am actually finishing this blog on Saturday evening after Jerry and I started our vacation today.  So I am ending with a picture of the hotel pool area and my next blog post will be pics and even a video our airboat ride and more.

    Miami Hilton Downtown Pool

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  1. I did hear and told your husband to pass on that we missed you and hoped you were doing ok. Hope to see you in Portland.

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