Take a Look Inside my Soap Shop (Part 1)

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Would you like to take a look inside my soap shop? People always seem very interested in where we make our soap. This is the first post in a 3-part video series that shows you a bit of what we do and the first part of our 3 primary steps to making soap. I listed some of the decision-making process involved in this post, “Tuesday is Soapmaking Day”.

Inside our Soap Shop (Part 1) begins outside and then walks you through the door. It shows you briefly where the soap is stored, and orders are filled. It then takes you on into our production area where Irene and Annie are working on making body scrubs. Finally, it shows you the area where we actually make the soap with pots of oils melted and ready to pour the next day. [Note this video was originally filmed in 2009 and although I am still in the same space and the same processes are used, personnel have changed.]

YouTube video

Want to see more behind the scenes?

Inside Our Soap Shop (Part II)

Inside Our Soap Shop (Part III)

Want to buy some of the soap you see being made?

Shop all of our soap bars here: Shop Soap Bars

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