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Living in a log home for over 25 years has been an incredible experience, and it’s where the magic of Susan’s Soaps & More truly comes to life. Our log house serves as the cozy backdrop for our home-based business, which initially started in what was once a detached garage and adjacent utility room.

Working from home I got to unleash my passion for creating handmade soaps and natural skincare products, while still being a full-time mom to our son. The unique charm of our log house and being out in the country only made everything better. I feel grateful every day to have found this perfect combination of home and work space. It has allowed me to pursue my dreams while staying true to nt love for all things natural and handmade.

Log Home not the original goal.

Our log home on about 5 acres about 40 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas. Just an FYI – if you are interested in log homes yourself. Ours was built by Satterwhite Log Homes. The earliest of these images are from 2009. Back then we had chickens and at one time a fairly large garden. I didn’t move out here with the idea of starting a soap business or any kind of business.

Our main priorities back then were simply good schools for our son, some land to have a garden and simply being out of the city. Jerry worked in Dallas and so we had looked for somewhere that met those goals while still being close enough in for him to commute.

It wasn’t until after we moved out to the country and I continued having issues with eczema on my legs that I dove into making soaps and skin care. I began just making soap in the utility room area and then about 5 years into things we totally remodeled the garage section into my soap shop.

So on to the  pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

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