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A little over a week ago Jerry and I drove down to San Antonio to present our products to the H.E.B. buyers for their 1st Looking Your Texas Best contest.  About 84 companies had expressed interest in attending and we were honored to have been one of the ones chosen to participate.  As a native of Corpus Christi I grew up with H.E.B. grocery stores and would love to be one of the brands on their shelves.

The LYTB event was well run and fun to participate in.  H.E.B. has 6 personal care product buyers who circulated to meet with all of the companies they were interested in and to get familiar with their products.  They are supposed to then meet together to decide on products they are interested in bringing into their stores.  I am hoping we will hear something back from them within a few weeks, but even if we aren’t selected I enjoyed the experience. I even received a handwritten thank you note from them for participating!  They have truly been a pleasure to have been involved with.

As a side benefit I always enjoy visiting San Antonio as it is a beautiful city and we stayed right downtown on the Riverwalk.  The event was a one day show on February 2nd and so we drove on down to Corpus Christi to visit my sister and her husband on Saturday.  We even stopped at the H.E.B. in Flour Bluff to pick up a few items on our way out to her place.

Here’s hoping for that H.E.B. follow up; but I have to say either way it was a fun trip!

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