Making Liquid Soap – Test batches

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Natural Liquid soap testing by Susan's Soaps & MorePin
Natural Liquid soap testing by Susan's Soaps & More

Making all natural liquid soap has turned into something of a journey for us which I guess is as it should be.  I mean after all learning a whole new process shouldn’t be an overnight success.

It takes trial and error and more trial and error to get everything just right.  I had to actually make several batches so I could learn what happens when you add too much water or too much borax solution or heat it too long.  The process was different enough from making bar soap that it took several times through it to simply understand what supposed to be happening much less adjust things to get the desired results.

Liquid Soap by Susan's Soaps & MorePin
Liquid Soap by Susan's Soaps & More

Here is a shot of our two latest attempts at natural liquid soap.  The orange one is Grapefruit Tangerine, with the color coming from the essential oils.  The clear one is Lavender Rosemary.  These are the two scents we are planning on offering when we go live.

Natural Liquid Soap Diluted from gelPin
Natural Liquid Soap Diluted from gel

We also have a video describing the way the test batches have gone.  We feel we are almost there and should have a final product ready to sell in a few weeks.  NOTE:  In the video I show the diluted soap as creamy however, the next day when checking on the beaker it was crystal clear as shown in this photo on the right.

We will send out a notice when the liquid soap is ready.  Should be very soon.


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