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New Website offers Free Ceramic Soap Dish

Our new website is now live!  It has been a bit of journey to get here as I began this project back in March and you may still find some glitches.  If you do have any issues please do get in touch with me either by phone or email so that I can (hopefully) correct the problem for you.

We are celebrating the kickoff of the new site with a give away of a ceramic soap dish with any retail order of $35 or more.  You shouldn’t have to do anything for this to happen – once you have $35 worth of products in your shopping cart it should automatically be added!  One thing to note is we only have 20 of them and when they are gone – they are gone.  Also please note that these are not Susan’s handmade ceramic soap dishes.  These are very attractive, functional ceramic black, commercially produced soap dishes.

Black Ceramic Soap Dish
Black Ceramic Soap Dish

A couple of points I want to make:

    1. If you had already set up an account with our earlier website it should still be there with your same username and password as I copied all of our customer accounts over into this new website design.
    2. If you are a wholesale customer with an account you should be able to login as before also, however with the new website you will not see wholesale pricing until you have at least $75 (at retail pricing) showing in your shopping cart.

I do have a couple of other blog posts up with some more details about the redesigned site and it’s new features. One of the new features is Gift Cards and I plan to do a post with more information about that very soon. But in the meantime – please take a look – as I think you will find it easier to use while at the same time offering more features.

And please, please reach out to me if you encounter any problems!

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