Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap

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This is Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap.  This was requested by one of our wholesale customers who is an aromatherapist.  She recommends this soap to her clients with acne and other face care issues.  We think it’s just a great skin care soap.

Tea Tree essential oil is considered to be good for acne and other skin irritations.  It is perhaps the only essential oil that is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.   It is also a very powerful immuno-stimulant, which increases the body’s ability to defend itself.

Peppermint essential oil is an anti-oxidant as well as being very refreshing and invigorating.  It is also antiviral as well as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

This is a slightly textured soap due to the white cornmeal added.  You can find it on our website here:  Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap

0 thoughts on “Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap”

  1. Susan Svec

    This is a great scent combination and as both Debbie and Michael mention, very refreshing! The therapeutic scent of tea tree is definitely there but combined with the mint it “sweetens” it up a bit.

  2. Michael Hughes

    That is a very unusual and stimulating scent. Should be very effective as a uplifting and yet soothing way to start you off in the morning. Great idea for a scent. Very healthy too!

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