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Lemongrass SoapPin
Lemongrass Soap

Our Lemongrass soap is now back in stock as well as Patchouli, Peppermint & Tea Tree and more Eucalyptus & Tea Tree.  I apologize that we have been out of a number of products lately, but we are working hard to get everything made and ready to ship.  Typically we let our inventory levels go down at the end of the year since we have to pay property tax on everything in stock on December 31.  We then were vendors at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo which resulted in great sales but also running us out of a number of products.  We already have restocked the soaps mentioned above and have Lavender Rosemary, Lime & Sage, Almond Oatmeal and Ginger Lime curing on the shelves.  So we should be fully restocked on everything soon.

There is also a new soap special on our website: Orange Clove.

And I wanted to mention once again that we will be at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo beginning this Tuesday.  We are leaving tomorrow and returning Friday which means that any orders placed this coming week will not ship out until the following week.

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