Texas State Fair – Setting Up

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Yesterday I set up our space at the Texas State Fair which opens this Friday, September 25.  We are a member of the TDA’s Go Texan program and through them are able to have our products sold in the Mercantile Store which is located in the Food & Fiber building of the Texas State Fair.  I find it rather fascinating how this big empty building is transformed into a space teeming with events and activities and products for the duration of the fair.

The Go Texan Store is actually divided into two sections: The General Store where all of the food products are sold and the Mercantile where all of the non-food products are located.  Also located in the Food & Fiber pavilion are various sponsors that have their own individual booths as well as a stage area where different events and entertainment takes place.

The State Fair is a big event for us as we are there sampling each weekend on Saturday and Sunday (except for Sat., Oct. 17th this year).  I am going to be giving you a view of the fair from my perspective over the next few weeks.  For starters here are some pictures I took yesterday during the setup process as well as a brief interview with Jerry, who is the main man behind the counter in the Mercantile.  Hope you enjoy them.

This is our table in the Mercantile.
Inside the Mercantile
Another view of Mercantile Set up at the State Fair
View from the Mercantile into the General Store
Working to get the Mercantile put together.


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