The Hastens Store Dallas now has Susan’s Soaps

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 We are very excited to announce that the Hästens Store Dallas now carries Susan’s Soaps & More products.  If you are not familar with the store it is located at 4252A Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas in the Shops of Highland Park.  (And just a little FYI – Hästens is pronounced Hestons – like Charlton Heston) They carry all natural, handmade bedding that is produced in Sweden.  The owners Connie and Fleming are both delightful and they would love to introduce you to their bedding and maybe sell you a bar of Susan’s Soaps. 🙂  If you have questions beforehand you can reach them at 214-252-0101.

They felt like our products would be a good match for their bedding line as we are both all natural and handmade.  (And we agree completely.)  I urge you to take a few minutes and stop in and visit Hästens of Dallas as their store is a little oasis of calm.  Peaceful, soothing, feels nice, smells nice!  Check out the video below to for a little mini tour of the store and their bedding!


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